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OOC: Well, can't have Voporak running around time forever, let's wrap it up with him.

*The wreckage of the temporal fleet swept away into an artificial singularity, the multitude of past versions of Voporak gone, and the current Black Phantom's logs and capabilities restored by his displaced selves, the Voporak we all know and (do not) love traverses the temporal rift, closing it behind him.*


*In his own time and place, Voporak returns with the Black Phantom to Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. He is immediately hailed by Admiral Quinn.*

Quinn: By Jove, Admiral, where have you been? Your ship has gone on and off sensors for the past month!

Voporak: Oh, I encountered a few minor spatial distortions in deep space, nothing major. My ship does not have any significant damage, it just needs a good refueling and restock.

Quinn: By all means, I will order it right away-

Officer near Quinn: Admiral, I am detecting something happening in orbit near the Black Phantom... it's an Iconian gateway!

*In orbit of earth, the gateway opens up, and ships pour through. First out is a huge 29th century temporal warship, followed by a Terran Defiant-class warship, a Romulan Scimitar, and finally an Iconian mothership. The gate closes behind it. The temporal warship hails Quinn and its captain delivers one brief message*

Captain: Admiral, leave this to us and make no note of this happening. We have a score to settle. *he closes the channel*

*The mothership locks a tractor beam onto the Phantom and, with the strange fleet of ships, flies to the edge of the solar system. All hail Voporak.*

Voporak: Well... nice to see you all again.

Temporal captain: We're not quite interested in what you have to say. We, all of us, and basically the whole galaxy for five centuries want your head on a pole.

Iconian commander: It seems you have finally lost, after all this time. May the great Voporak, traveler of time, die with honor.

Mirror Voporak: It is good to see that you will be the fatality this time, and not I!

Romulan commander: Your threat to the Tal Shiar of any era will be ended here and now. Prepare to die.

Voporak: Oh... I see. Would you give me a moment, please. *he jerks his head and the audio is muted. Voporak turns to his bridge officers* Well, time after time I lead us into danger and possible death, but I still got us out. *he briefly looks at the four angry starship commanders behind him* Unfortunately though, I can't think of a way out of this one, considering we are stuck in an Iconian tractor beam. I'm open to suggestions.

Omet'etan (tactical officer): Die with honor?

Mirra (first officer): Say you're sorry?

Vranlek (science officer): Offer some fake excuse?

Jirad (chief engineer): Ask them to at least put you before a trial?

Voporak: Jirad, I already was tried on one of those and they found me guilty before the trial started. Vranlek, I've given so many that no one will believe me anymore. Mirra, well, they won't believe me on that especially. I like Omet'etan's idea best.

*he turns back to the viewscreen and orders it unmuted*

Voporak: Commanders and captains, we decided to submit to whatever form of obliteration of life you had in mind.

Iconian: Wonderful. Shall we get started immediately?

29th century captain: Yes, let's. Commander (speaking to the Romulan) and captain (speaking to Mirror Voporak), you may have the honors.

Romulan: Much appreciated.

Mirror Voporak: You forever have my gratitude. Take us into position, ensign.

*The I.S.S. Black Phantom and the Romulan Scimitar move and face the U.S.S. Black Phantom on different sides. The temporal ship moves out of the way and the Iconian mothership moves above the Phantom, holding its tractor lock.*

Voporak *straightening his four Admiral rank pips*: I guess you can't win them all.

29th century captain: Don't worry, Admiral, your legacy has been recorded throughout time. Trust me, no one will forget you.

Voporak: I'm glad I got remembered.

Romulan: And there is no need to worry about your own Starfleet, I will politely explain everything to them later. Centurion, open our wings.

*The Scimitar's thelaron wings expand and the warbird charges up its weapon with radiation.*

Mirror Voporak: Ready all weapons.

*The I.S.S. Black Phantom powers its cannons, setting them for maximum yield. All are locked onto Voporak's ship.*

Voporak: Well then, I would say this is the end. Please, no snide remarks, or I'll have to punch you.

Centurion: Thelaron radiation ready.

Ensign: All weapons standing by.

*The Scimitar's wings glow green, and the mirror Phantom's cannons red. Voporak stands on the bridge hands folded behind his back, knowing no way out.*

Romulan & Mirror Voporak: Fire.

*The Iconian mothership disengages its tractor beam as the two say so, but a massive ship decloaks suddenly and flies between the Phantom and the Scimitar*

Klingon general: I did not forget all you did for the Empire, and what you did for me. Qapla'.

*The Bortasqu' battlecruiser, its captain, and its crew take the thelaron blast for Voporak. The Klingons die an honorable death.* OOC: I'll leave it up to your imagination to wonder what Voporak did for this Klingon.

Romulan: Noooo!

*Regardless of the Scimitar's failure, the mirror Phantom unleashes its deadly barrage of antiproton cannons on the Phantom, but it is not destroyed.*

Voporak (the bridge heavily damaged, fires raging, the ship shaking): Damage report! But first, get us out of here!

*Without being locked in a tractor beam, the Phantom is able to maneuver away from the group of ships*

Mirra: Hull breachs all over the ship! Many casualties! Warp drive and weapons are offline!

Voporak: Open the bombay doors and let them eat tricobalt!

*The rear doors of the Phantom open up and the Mark X, XI, and XII tricobalt devices are sent hurtling back. They are aimed at the mirror Phantom*

Ensign (on mirror Phantom): Captain!

Mirror Voporak: No! This isn't possible!

*The mirror Phantom is obliterated, and the resulting shockwave damages and disables the temporal warship and Scimtar. The Iconian mothership, however, disappears off sensors.*

Voporak: Another one bites the dust, my mirror friend. Helm, take us back to Earth.

Helm: Aye sir.

*As the Phantom limps back, the Iconian mothership appears directly in front, in the same spot as Taragi's did when facing mirror Voporak in another timeline. The Phantom halts.*

Iconian commander: This is not the end, Admiral. You have defeated them, slipped past everyone in time, and used others to gain victory, but not this time! You are mine!

Voporak: Well, I have to say, you won this time. Do with me what you will.

Iconian: The first thing, as long as I have you, is to extract your computer files.

*The Iconian ship begins downloading the Phantom's computer contents*

Voporak: I wouldn't do that if I were you. But then again, I'm not, am I?

Iconian: What do you mean?

*The Iconian computer tries to process Voporak's data, but he has rigged it to be harshly incompatible with any other system after the encounter with the Dresden. The Iconian mothership's systems malfunction and involuntarily shut down.*

Voporak: That is what I mean. Now if you don't mind moving please, you're blocking my view. But I forgot, your systems are totally offline. Don't you go overworking yourself, I'll fix this little predicament. *he turns to Omet'etan* Fire.

*Out of the front torpedo tube shoots a several thousand megaton nuclear device, slowly making its way to the Iconian ship.*

Iconian: No! How can this be?!

Voporak: Just remember this as the day you almost caught Admiral Voporak.

*The nuclear bomb hits and in a blinding flash of light the mothership is blown in two. As the wrecked hulk floats apart, Voporak sees the sun shining in the distance.*

Voporak: Omet'etan, make sure that wreckage is destroyed, but take some samples for us. Launch the rest of our tricobalt devices at the other three ships back there to ensure they won't be a problem again. Helm, once that is complete, set a course for Earth.

*The tricobalt devices are launched, annihilating the temporal warship, the Scimitar, and the lifeless battlecruiser. Pieces of the Iconian debris are beamed onboard and the rest destroyed. The Phantom then moves gently back to Earth.*

Voporak (popping open his rarest bottle of Romulan ale): If I were given the chance to change it all, to never have to go through this, *he holds his glass* I would certainly decline. Cheers. *he downs his Romulan ale and reclines in the captain's chair*

Mirra: What about all those factions that wanted to kill you? Won't they come after us again?

Voporak: No, not after what we just did. They have been shown that one man and his devious plots can overpower even time itself. History of either timeline will never forget the name of Voporak.