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04-22-2013, 11:36 PM
The majority of the damage is antiproton. But the kinetic damage can be a worry as it hits quite a bit harder. I however only use 1 mk XI Neutronium plating always and for everything. I'm also usually tanking as i'm an engineer tank. Last encounter I received 843,107 damage. I have received over 1mill before. Done this encounter 15 times or so and I've never died doing it yet. I also usually but not always get 1st place. Same encounter I was 1st doing 34% of the 10 peoples damage. And no this doesn't mean i'm kicking some serious arse. I'm only doing a bit over 5k dps. It does mean that pugs do terrible dps. I don't think it matters what weapons you use. Use whatever flavor turns you on. And while kinetic is great vs the entity you have to think about all the adds as well.

The fight is kinda simplistic. Just use the weapons and abilities that should do the most damage. Which is usually more about ability selection and use then actual type of weapon imo. If you want to be support you won't get #1. If you want to heal you won't get #1. Sadly it's all about dps to achieve #1. As usual for all STFs in this game it's all about dps.

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