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04-22-2013, 11:42 PM
Originally Posted by jornado View Post
This is in now way a flame or dispute of the conditions or a complaint, simply pure curiosity. The reasons for the exclusions of the other powers are obvious, but why no temporal inversion field? Only thing I can think of is you meant temporal back step instead?

Primary reason I ask is in that I use it in PvP all the time, and if I'm breaking etiquette/being an ass, I'd like to know why.
Temporal inversion isn't temporal backstep.

That said, the rules are subective and open per the hosts discretion.

Originally Posted by tbffo View Post
Why not the 27th of April? It would be easier to find the player for our team in my fleet.
Well the date is for discussion regarding the rules and hindsight from the past event. The goal being a smoother more fun experience.

The actual date for the PVP event will be up to the host and likely early May to ensure it goes off prior to Season 8 launch.

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