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# 1 Crash when pressing "Engage"
04-23-2013, 12:50 AM
A few days ago, at around the same time, two of my computers were suddenly unable to run STO. I get a Cryptic error when hitting "Engage". Basically, the launcher is fine, but gameclient.exe just insta-crashes. Nothing in the log files, no indication as to what the problem is.

I've tried to verify all files, and reinstalled the game, but no luck.

The two computers do have some similarities. Both are:
nVidia 680i motherboards
Intel Q6600 Quad-core CPUs
Different nVidia graphics cards (one is a GT9800 and the other is a GTS250)
Two monitors (crash still happens with one monitor disabled)

Other than that, the machines have led quite different lives, bought two years apart.

The GTS250 one has up-to-date graphics drivers, the GT9800 one does not. Neither machine has had any real issues with the game in the past, and both their STO installations are years old.

Any ideas, anyone?