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04-23-2013, 12:48 AM
I really enjoyed this arc for the most part. The tutorial is amazing. This is the kind of tutorial this game has needed from the beginning. All the objectives are clear, every step teaches the player something, it introduces the player to the story of the faction immediately, and it's just full of flavor. The starter world is really beautiful.

The conference at Khitomer was really well done. This is the other mission that really stood out in this arc. I appreciated how Sugihara seems overbearing and obnoxious, while insulting the Klingon ambassador makes him like you more. The space combat in this one was great, and I enjoyed the interactions with Ja'rod.

All the other missions in this are really good. I don't have anything specific to say about them, but they're all consistently excellent. This is seriously some of the best content made for this game.

I'm not sold on the alliance mechanic yet. I realize it's not going to change, and it makes sense from a story perspective, but the way it divides Romulan players seems counterproductive to what the Romulans are trying to accomplish, and being able to fly the ally's ships just doesn't make any sense. I'll give more feedback on this as I continue to play this character.