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04-23-2013, 01:55 AM
Originally Posted by psiameese View Post
I just had an idea for Turning Point. Replace Admiral T'Nae with Admiral Zelle. As she is referred to as an expert in Romulans it makes more sense that she would be present. This mission occurs before events resulting in Divide et Impera (Fed level 19), it might work better for the mission. Zelle could be overheard mentioning T'Nae's doubts to Sugihara.
This is a fantastic idea. When I first saw T'Nae speak so poorly of the Romulans, I was surprised. I'm sure T'Nae is capable of telling the difference between Tal'Shiar subterfuge and the genuine wish for Romulan civilians to live a more peaceful, honest life. Putting Zelle in this mission instead to express doubt and mistrust would be far more appropriate.