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04-23-2013, 01:16 AM
on holodeck, with a 5 turn console and temporal console negvar i have 29.3 turn at rest. on tribble i got 34.6. it literally spins like a top in place, with no actual movement in any direction, just turning. at typical engine power levels and with EPtE 1, its at 39. pretty amazing to see it in action really. if only the dderidex could turn half as well with similar.

i can get a fleet galaxy to turn at 20 with 5 turn consoles, a fleet ambi at 22 with 4, and a fleet excel to 26 with 4. on my fleet ktinga set up the same as the neg var, but with 1 less turn console, im at 40 turn at rest, and 44 turn at typical combat level.