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04-23-2013, 01:22 AM
As you have been hearing in spades....This ROCKS!!! Love so many of the new adjustments you all have worked so hard on it is hard to choose a favorite. BRAVO!

Now for the Beta testing task, i am probably repeating a few things or many, read through 12 pages of this thread so bare with me. also i tend to jump around in thought so...

In edit your appearance neck bulk adjustment makes collar Pixelate or more so crawl along edges of flesh.

no voice only dialog (read explanation so understand with launch)

when in space the firing arcs of your ship and the other you are in there face nailing lock. which is cool for me, i am latched on and can plummet them too death.

When comparing a drop engine with what was issued, both of there 'flight turn rate' constantly cycle.

'auto travel' has a habit of disengaging and sending ship past the target. (Intermittent but more then a third)

exchange was not active on flotta but must be a ? level thing? for when i came back after reaching 10 it appeared.

On away teams Only the crew skills show more then they have leveled/activated

Can function tasks underwater. should they not be in distress or pretending to be drowning

On Dewa III you can walk threw many plant life

after C X stance when captain holsters weapon and threats are gone crew will still have weapons out hot.

When weapons are out in C X and comm screen pops up and is closed all are back in passive mode. have to reengage weapons and stance.

Chat window in/out between screens

ship weapons seem to pull to left even when what you are firing on is still.

Bridge officers drop from stations after beam back up from away team and sometimes mission completions.

My captain can not go into the 'Distress Signal' action (Bigger Picture, Hromi sector) . I hit continue to help the SS Daendle and the communication disappears. so way to do it. Went in and out of system to try and jar it, warped back to floatta then traveled back, also unable to DROP mission and reestablish.

Neutral no More- seems to be glitched. even though i already have the level 10 ship it still says i have to get a ship. It even states in the shipyard the ship was purchased. SO will not let me do anymore of the missions until i acquire my free ship, which i have. Plus it still shows a 'hail' option. So i am stuck atm, unable to go to Allies story line ectra...

But LoR still rocks!

PS: LOVE LOVE LOVE the way I acquired my Bridge officers, so awesome!

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