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04-23-2013, 01:44 AM
Originally Posted by gpgtx View Post
here is an idea i had for some new engineer abilities. cruisers are tanks they are suppose to be shot at. how about add an ability like a taunt your BO hails the enemy ship and pisses them off and they automatically target you even if they are targeting some one else make it so where you can pull the fire off of your escort teammate or any teammate for a fixed duration depending on the ability level. and it could be cleared with a debuff cleanser or science team/engineering team

would at least be a use for the extra ensign slots and we all know cruisers will never gain agro in PVE with there fire power

or just tell me it;s a stupid idea lol
Some people would say that adding taunt is a good idea, but taunt and threat control where not part of the original game, I created an engineer to be self relient not to make life easier for other players.

Tactical and science ships and characters have sufficient abilities to keep them selves alive without the need for someone else to do it for them.