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04-23-2013, 01:57 AM
Got to level 21 this weekend. First of all: What you made with this expansion is really exciting! I really got that 'Star Trek Feeling' by playing it! IMHO the missions are great!
But ...
Bugs: I played with Linux/Wine (low resolution/ details) and Win7 (highest possible resolution/ details): No crashes (the Wine workaround works great on Linux/Wine!). There are only some graphic issues which were mentioned already, except maybe:
-The tailor/ character creator zoom is centred on the belly - not the face.
-Animation: After using C + X on ground maps, the BOFF's don't walk any more. They are 'sliding' over the ground somehow.

-Missions: There still are several typos in the dialogues (f.e. Smash and Grab: dialogue with Charva: "Maybe Rinna has already been been ...".
-Who's Riley? (Wouldn't it be better to use Romulan Crew NPC contacts?)
-Mission 'Smash and Grab': After accessing the computer on the bridge first a video starts, than you get the results of your hacking. Wouldn't it be more logical the other way round: First results than video?