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My legacy of Romulus experience hit yet another high today so id like to Share my thoughts.


What a compelling Story in all aspects!. I entered this mission with my mind set on Consistency and story Strength and what i find is quite Surprising seeing that could you keep up with the story and build upon that level of Dedication, you did this!.

When i beamed down to new Romulus, the Ambient sound of alien animals filled my Headphones creating a very Immersive and ery environment and that environment really suited the scenery, it just worked. The level was almost cannon with james cameron's AVATAR and transported me into the alien world filled with the most Spectacular scenery i have ever seen so far in sto If you keep this Amazing theme going and plus what's been done then you will have all our jaws dropping in shear Amazement and immersive environments with a story that respects the art of the map, Well done Indeed

Possible Bug:

Some Areas with water on new Romulus have water thats supposed to be Flat oddly going up and down where waterfalls should be. Also noted are areas in some streams cause screen to show underwater View.

More Feedback to come!.

Cheers Azurerail1