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Originally Posted by adrianm63 View Post
I meant as if your romulan commands a fed/kdf ship (t3 or 4) he/she should be able to have a fed/kdf uniform ,you cant give orders to your fed/kdf crew dressed in green

ok lets say for some weird reason romulans (all species in the new faction ) cant have fed/kdf uniforms ,but at least combadges which in star trek are comunicators....its like banning mobile phones

and last reason is ...someone worked to create all those uniforms and people paid for them.Its a shame to restrict them all .Or they could give them as unlocks for missions like we get after tutorial , so for example after some fed/kdf missions we unlock the ability to wear a fed/kdf uniform so we can pick 1 fed uniform or something like that.
Well Kira did.

Still, I get what you're saying. And the communicators shouldn't be restricted.

Although I'm wondering. I wasn't invited to the beta, does the Romulan's beam out animation touch the chest or tag the arm?

That's kind of a limitation like in the TOS uniforms, if you're wearing that with the department patch instead of a combadge then you should in fact pull out ye olde flip communicator. Same with the Enterprise gear.

So the combadge would also have to adjust to the faction beam out animation.

I admit a Romulan chick would look good in my Jupiter uniforms.
Yes I support This

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