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Iceland is actually quite beautiful, in a stark way. Personally I would consider Karatek to be privileged, to have grown up there. So does he speak with an Icelandic accent? I gather that he must also be very conversant in Earth culture as well as Reman. Is he a bit more accepting of both cultures than Worf?

I hope that he wasn't treated badly. Your story implies that humans were at least more tolerant than Romulans.

Some degree of humility isn't bad. It's just that, as odd as this sounds, I got the impression he didn't realize how good his bedside manner really is. And I imagine, given that humans do probably still have some remaining prejudices, there must also be something about the way he carries himself that puts people at ease.

I also wonder, based on what I saw Viceroy Vkruk do in Nemesis, does he also have any innate calming and healing abilities that he uses in his practice to help his patients?

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