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04-23-2013, 07:42 AM
PvP isn't as much an issue, at least not yet. Those of us currently playing will all keep up with the rep systems and all be on even playing field. The shield ignoring passives from Omega and Nukara reps can only help with the absurd levels of shield damage resist we're seeing. New players might have a problem as more and more reps come online. It'll just be crazy trying to grind them all out at once.

The bigger issue I think is PvE, honestly. Just look at how even half assed PUGs can faceroll an ESTF with all their top end gear and rep powers. ISE is barely even challenging anymore. Even if somebody pops a generator early, we still melt the transformer faster than the spheres can get there. Also, look at how fast the CE is going down. It took people a few days to get used to the mission, but now it's like child's play. If we keep having this power creep, even the game's hardest content is going to be way too easy.