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04-23-2013, 09:09 AM
Dr. Karatek (no relation to the commander of the Hobus system, though he strongly suspects the man was named after him) feels some guilt for not being there for Remus, yeah. He had the easy life, the safe childhood in the Federation, where his face was a novelty rather than a mark of shame. (Most of the time, anyway)

He _could_ have been a Worf, a champion of his people with strong connections to the Federation, someone who could have gotten the Federation to care about the plight of Remans earlier in their history.

(Like I said, if you look at how things appeared in universe, Remans just sort of appeared in 2379...)

But instead he was in the middle of a space-time anomaly, and was able to do nothing for his people. Healer guilt!

re: his bedside manner. I figure he's a a kind, reassuring figure as a potential reaction against his appearance. A doctor who is heavy on the compassion and empathy with his psychic abilities as a supplement to that...