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all a bunch of i wants.
i read the forum so some of the ones listed might be restated but that means i liked them read to page 7
not sure how you want this done or what order you want to do it in i do know what i want done

runabouts get to close to there target to be effective i lose all of mine every time there target explodes

i want to beable to scoop up my pets/turrets/runabouts should shave off time when thy return.

i want to equip my pets like a shuttle should be.

pets do not follow orders i have assigneed them tasks dozens of times.

i want different pets . why 4 of the same? if i where to have a squadren of pets why would i make them all the same?

i want to take my runabout from my shuttle bay to some one elts shipv

i want to dock with anothers ship.

i want my saucer section to have pet commands.
most ships like the galexy have a shuttle bay maby not large enugh for a runabout gut thay still have them.

i want to invite people to my ships interier when i am in space

siting at the (helm?/captians chair) should offer a return to the tactical view. (maby who ever sits in the seat can drive?)

if i go to engineering i want to see my ship layout if i visit some ones eltses engineering i want to see there layout (skills gear)

if i talk to my officers while on the bridge i want to see there skills repeate for others captains ships

i want the sign one the bridge with the ships name to function (read her {ship} name and manufacture date what elts fits on that sign)

i want a auto crew rotation system if i do pvp/pve ext. i want my pvp crew(bridge officers and duty officers) to get in place on there own.

if i am a trill i should beable to upgrede in to a joined trill with out losing progress.

if i am a joinged trill i want to change apperince and sex at any time (maby a long cool down) (leave the last name ofcourse)

i want to assigne duty officer teams to repeat quests on there own i eat batterys so i want my battery team to do there job and make me batterys in till i reach a count or tell them to stop. its not worth visiting engineering every 5 minutes

i want my helmsman to plot a course to a destination in local space (with in my ships speed limits ofcourse or longer {if i ask}) while i am on the bridge. and advise me when he reaches markers. so while traviling through secter space i can work inside.

i want to carry players on my ship to locations (if there ship takes time to get there that is fair)

i want my starbase to have a temp crew option (starbase can loan crew/duty officers for assignments to members)

i want the device slots in my task bar not the action (when i eat all my batterys i need to replace there skill in the task bar after refill{it gets old})

i want to pull my devices from my invintory 1st. (20 weapon batterys in device slot and then eat the extras from invintory 1st)

i want to assign a trader the task of collecting and restalking my cargo bay with (object) (trader when we get to starbase go get my 20 more weapon batterys and make sure i always have 20 weapon batterys\commeditys)

if i am in a fleet i want my fleet support to ping my fleet mates let one of them fill the role or let my alts or my alt ships

if i invite people to the starbase i want a place thy can deposit (if the fleet is requesting <example fleet marks> i can just show up to the starbase and deposit.

i want message board/ task board at the starbase.

i want freighters to apper in the visit bridge options.

if i holster my weapon i am ready for hand to hand combat or let me disable the auto pick up for weapons if i want to use hand to hand (i keep equiping things so my hand to hand is never ready when i want it to be)

i want hand to hand training it would be cool to learn new fighting styles

some times i dont want a away team of 5 i know odd but some times taking the extra men is not a good idea (stealth operations work well when no one is around (people that are not equiped will just die)

some times i always want a away team. take my 1st officer with me when i visit places like starbase

i want to put any kit on any officer

i want my non combat pet to auto deploy when not in combat

i want my ship to became my pet when i us my shuttle in local space (my shuttle is faster then my escort but to bounce around is not posable when red alerts are random

i want crouch to be a toggle (move return to crouch) i did it once but i think that was a error
i want to dive off objects. (you stand on a counter and dodge you stay on the counter)

is voice command asking to mutch?

where is my fleet voice chat system works on team most of the time but alot of people use vent cuse its not posable to have fleet chats in game.

i want local voice if i am standing nest to some one and speaking thy should hear me. get a bunch of fleet mates in the lounge and chat that out.

i want a brefing table if im about to do a mission (asuming we have intell like map ext.) i want to set assise time with my crew (my team not counting npc) to go over the plan.

i want to nap in my bed to log out

i want my holo emitters to fool people get in to klingon space as a freighter

i want a bounty board assign a klingon player to die

i want to invade the klingon home worlds as the fed (not realy a federation thing but would be AWSOME to see the klingons try and take earth space dock.

if the fleet has both a klingon side and a fed side there should be the ability for both sides to meet at a middle ground a embassy for the joined fleets.

i want to be a federation officer allowed in klingon space to help the klingons (good will embasider) do the klingon missions as a federation toon

i want a reset button for my episodes i maxed out my ship so i want to do the entire campaign again.

i want a option to disable a foundry mission i have compleated some of them i dont want to do twice but i do want to do them all or try.

The starbase should have a bridge officer roster. and thy should do there job when the base is under attack.

i want to take command of the starbase. (5 man to 4 man and a starbase with a brain)

my obital strike should be accurete and selectable (i use polarized disrupters my orbital strike is phaser damage)

if i park in the ship yard at fleet starbase it should repair the damage to my ship

there should be atleast 2 focuse targets options one for hostiles one for allies so i dont have to disengage hostiles to heal allies.

i want default non combat settings
i want a default stealth setting (shield are uslees while mask energy signiture is active)
i want probs so i can send them to places i am to lazy to go (i can live with out that)

i want to gift ships (i can live with not having them any more but it would be nice to pass my vesta to some one)

i want some ships to be locked to some taskes if i am fighting the borg i have a ship for that.(stf you know whats comming

when i engage somthing while on the fleet starbase it returns me back to local space i want to returen home

i want to equip any kit on any officer like the ships (example fabrication does not work at the acadimy and i wanted stealth on my engineer any way)

if i fly in the trade shipping lanes i want a speed boost

i want minning (armada) i want construction ships (armada) make a small space outpost. i want to steal hostiles ships
jack a borg cube.

i want combat supply to take device priority when a collect equiping it every time is useless

i want my npc crew to collect combat supply

call in my personal freighter like the azure 2

my freighter should have a on board cargo bay so allies can get supplies i would like to share

freighters should have a internal store i sell my objects on (dont expire)

player freighters should offer the same services as the azure while siting in local space

fleet defended systems (we will protect\patrol system or lose them)

functinal replicaters on the bridge

replicater upgrades (fleet starbase does not serve coffee and get a more efficent replicater with time\work

food is not a device

animation to collect thing from replicater

in game suggestion box. people able to read them and vote in game

in game player odd ons (i get some things are asking alot some people would help if thay could)

name planets you find (starbase protected)

starbase computer custimizable bot system (teach it to answer questions) (fleet fills in there starbase bot)
?Mini-games on Risa, at Quarks (darts, dabo, poker, all the iconic games of Startrek)
?point related shooting game (picard and riker played it once)
?let the tribbles lose on the bridge and then let me shoot them with my pistol
?i want a soccer ball
?educatinal missions medical docters perform exams and heal the sick tactical go over tactics and advanced tactics engineers fix thinge (not all detail are clear but it would be AWSOME to learn something walk away with a
understanding of partical physics)
?if i push a ship in to a sun\planet make it do damage if it hits a object make it hurt.
?my duty officers are my crew so how do i have a bolian on my bridge.
?crafting multiple objects at once (99 hypos instead of 1 per click)
?beam over to a alles ship and perform repaire (i have parts and i am a engineer or just pop on over and fix there ship my self.)
equip my duty officers with gear would be nice to enhance them

self destruct should help save my crew from death (the explosion is pointless and i still lose my crew so the skill is usless)

i want to liberate a planet from hostiles (awsome fleet action)
embassider office some members of the fleet act as leasons to other fleets
i want my ship to stay outside when i am at fleet base maby see my baby from a view port.
fleet starbase quarters
if my 5 man team becomes a 4 man team i want to invite a friend or fleet member to help
Able to set up automated trade routes to trade resources between star bases


i cant revisit the same map thought it would be cool to example build somthing and return to see it then go get another part

make mandatory shuttle sections i cant lock them in to a shuttle for parts of a quest

mandatory party before starting a quest (some missions just are better with friends)

branching quests do this go one way do this go another

there are no timers no waiting or beat the clock options

do no destroy hostile target for those people that just dont read the breifing and blow up everything

designated team leader/mission progresser some people read the intel some dont some times the people thats dont force the readers to skip.

cant place anomilys

i want to use bridge maps for quests (example a day in the life of kirk)

i want to walk on the extirir of my ship that would be sweet

i wont to make carge containers with gear to use in them

i have more but i dont recall them i will start work on another list(dont want to break any thing)