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04-23-2013, 12:04 PM
Originally Posted by khrisstian1986 View Post
Well after spending the weekend in the Tribble Server, all I am left to say is 'WOW' and not World of ******** but a sensational success!

The detail that has been poured into this new release is amazing. You can really spend hours on end just in your own ship awing at the graphical detail! From Ship Bridge to the ceiling lights.... Although the best feature onboard has to the the singularity warpcore in which I did fall into, Twice.

The Storyline also has to be the best thought of since the launch of STO - You may have thought that the Dominion Return Episodes were good, but this overthrows that belief.

You will not be short on amazement when you step into the Romulan World!
I jump into my singularity core i make it a point to go WOO HOO!!! and dive in for fun each day lol

Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
All I want to know is if there's bathrooms on the Romulan ships?
Idk man ive been all over my ship blew 5 fed redshirts out the airlock (For fun of course )and still cant find the bloomin potty...AND I REALLY HAVE TO GO BAD!!!!