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04-23-2013, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
But from the pictures he's txt'd to me, quite impressive.

He's finally changing to a man

Lag will put a team up for this, but I'm NOT taking part in any before-time TS conversations. The reason why I got behind Naz's event was because the rules were fair, they were clear and they were a "Do, or don't come" affair. And that's what we need. Feel free to have all this TS handholding you need, X. But I guarantee it will only complicate things and cause problems.
Naz said he wanted to have a "what went right/what went wrong" get together after the first event. I was simply trying to follow his wishes.

Anyway I removed the open forum since I didn't think it was good idea either.

Team X will have a team. Earlier is probablybetter (so 12PM-ish EDT) Possibly earlier.
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