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04-23-2013, 12:36 PM
Thanks for the bug reports. These weapons are in an extremely early state, especially in terms of their effects, which are all placeholder.

Regarding the secondary attack for the Piercing Beam Rifle, are you holding down the mouse button or key? This ability is a "true maintain" - meaning it fires while you hold it down, as opposed to just firing when you click it. This may explain some of the effects issues you're seeing as well, but the effects side should also be much clearer once we get non-placeholder effects in place.

The same is true for the Repeater's secondary fire.

If you're holding down the button/key and still seeing these issues, that's a more serious problem.

Regarding the long range minigun switching models when you That's a new one.

Either way, we're actively working on fixing bugs with these, and I'll look at the issues you've mentioned. Thank you for the bug reports!