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04-23-2013, 11:44 AM
i noticed something really weird with one of my guns, forget the name of it right now, maybe a plasma sniper rifle? it has the laser sight like the sniper rifle but you hear a charging sound before it goes off. anyway sometimes it seems like it shoots 3-4 times even though it only really shoots once the animation plays several times in a row so it sounds like a rapid fire sniper rifle........

damn i wish there really was one of those in game. lol.

edit: of course, i might have been using a peircing beam rifle like the sniper rifle... though unless the two share secondary icons (the ironsights icon) I dont htink so. maybe i got a sniper rifle that thought it was a piercing beam rifle?

Edit 2: also i dont know if i still had it. i had one rifle whos secondary shot kept playing the animation of my plasma assaultwaave rifle. aka the plasma cone with shotgun sound everytime i fired it. and i know it wasnt the assaultwave that was my active gun, becasue the primary attack was still a standard rifle bolt, not the assaultwave ball shot.
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