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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Ok, so I have a question for the other KDF players. I'm looking into getting a new fleet ship. As I stated my case in this thread, with the comming of LoR, her main goal would be fighting the Romulans, well the ones allied to the Federation at least. And I kind of expect the Rommies to be a bit more menacing in places like Ker'rat for ex., while the majority of the casual Feds. will probably be more interested in the Borg and farming. Take into consideration that I'd want to use this ship for PvE as well.

So, at the moment I'm torn between the Ning'tao (Fleet Norgh) and the Tor'kaht.
I'm mostly a cruiser captain and although I haven't used the Tor'kaht so far, I know an excellent cruiser when I see one. I'm curious to how would it preform in a situation when every Romulan vessel can battlecloak and use the hit & run tactics while I'd have to wait to disengage red alert? Any insights from anyone or even someone playing at Tribble atm?
However, I'd assume that the Ning'tao would have some advantages with the battlecloak when it comes to PvP, especially with Romulans using their own BC.
I guess a sensor & stealth focused B'rel torpedo build will one-hit wanna be Romulans while stealth. Could be funny. However, quite bad in PvE.