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04-23-2013, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by ouroboros99 View Post
This should be pretty easy. All they need to do is take the lt commander engineer from the Galaxy and make him a tactical to show that the D'deridex is more combat focused than the Galaxy.

Then you'd have less survivability but more alpha strike punch from having access to teir 3 tac abilities, which jives well with the "decloak and fire" design philosophy.

Then you just do the same for the consoles. Move one of the sciences to tactical to show that it's a Warbird and not a "Scansgaseousanomoliesbird".

So in the end you have

lt tac, lt cm tac

cm eng

lt sci

en eng

4 eng consoles
3 tac consoles
2 sci consoles

Now it feels like a battlecruiser/warship like it's supposed to be, and not an explorer and research vessel like the Galaxy.

The turn rate is fine, it should be slow given how big it is. It should also however have shield and hull points to likewise reflect how big it is.

I'd also argue for a 5/3 weapon split front to back instead of the usual 4/4 as the Warbirds always struck me as having a forward weapon facing bias. That's pie in the sky stuff that'll never happen though. I'll be happy if it doesn't get saddled with 4/3.

I doubt they would do it cause universals on a "free" ship are few an far between, but if they just made the ltc. spot universal, I think it would well reflect the "this ship has to do everything" as the backbone of the romulan fleet, and it can be taken more tac heavy, more eng heavy, or more sci heavy depending on the circumstances/mission/captain flying it. That to me would be ideal.

I think the console layout on the D'Deridex on tribble is already supposed to be slightly more tactical than the galaxy in that it has 3 tac consoles rather than three sci consoles. Additionally, I think the ship has slightly more hitpoints and something silly like a 1.01 modifier that just ever so slightly gives it like 1% more shields... unless it's a typo and it's supposed to be 1.1