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Originally Posted by unheard1978 View Post
Sorry yeah i was asking about rep sets and amaco set, you see im hoping to make my defiant dog fight in pve and pvp,
With high defence and dps and will deuterium surplus help ?
id stick with the 2 part omega or borg, with ether maco or elite shields if you have access. deuterium surplus is good for an extra mini evasive, but not all that needed on a ship that already has EPtE and 2 copies of APO. you will be plenty zipy.

Originally Posted by unheard1978 View Post

1. what do you think will be the best warp core.
2 traits for a tatical defiant dog fight captian like me ?
3 should I use evasive maneuvers doffs
warp cores im still completely clueless about. get all the space traits you can, accurate and elusive first and foremost, then any other space traits. i find BFI doffs, for the extra shield heal more useful then the evasive boffs. like i said, your already very zipy

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Hey guys, does anyone use the Chroniton Beam Array on their Jem Bug for PVP??
its a good AP DBB, and good to use if you already use AP weapon. the chrono proc is nice, just dont rainbow your build, using it means you need all AP weapons and AP tac consoles
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