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11-10-2009, 07:36 PM
How are continuity breaks in general handled? (logging off, doing something else, changing your mind and deciding you don't want to do it after all, etc)

How significant are episodic rewards compared to "standard" missions you pick up?

Do you need to complete the episodes in order to move forward with the plot of the game, or are they sometimes side stories? Do you need to complete episodes before progressing (in rank or other ways)?

How much of the mission content is the episodic sort? I understand there is a sort of randomized element to getting some missions (e.g. you get a distress call from Planet X in the Y system as you cruise past at warp); are these going to be the majority or does the episodic content comprise the majority of missions?

Can we get some more detail about how episodic missions are assigned, and any potential variation in reward if the mission is completed in different ways?