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here is an idea i had for some new engineer abilities. cruisers are tanks they are suppose to be shot at. how about add an ability like a taunt your BO hails the enemy ship and pisses them off and they automatically target you even if they are targeting some one else make it so where you can pull the fire off of your escort teammate or any teammate for a fixed duration depending on the ability level. and it could be cleared with a debuff cleanser or science team/engineering team

would at least be a use for the extra ensign slots and we all know cruisers will never gain agro in PVE with there fire power

or just tell me it;s a stupid idea lol
I really don't want to be playing a star trek themed wow/other fantasy mmo with the tank that can't do any damage but all their abilities have a +threat to keep attention... laaaaame. I'd much rather them rebalance the mechanic so that ships work the way they should. Cruisers should have the outright highest hull and shields and damage output. The drawback being that they are so slow and lack maneuverability that they can't avoid damage or quickly maneuver to take advantage of an enemy's weak shield facing, for example.

Escorts are so fast and maneuverable, and perhaps could even be made more so, that they don't need the highest damage to be effective, they could have lower damage and use their speed and maneuverability to take advantage of enemy vulnerabilities. That's how an escort is supposed to do their damage and be super effective, they stay out of the enemy's kill zones while targeting a weak facing. They aren't supposed to have the ultimate highest uber damage. How did the defiant win against a negvar? It stayed really close to the ship and maneuvered so that the neg var couldn't get a clear shot all the while continuing to do damage.

Science ships should be a kind of hybrid as it has greater speed and maneuverability than a cruiser to avoid damage and take advantage of weaknesses, they have advanced shields so they can take a hit better than an escort, plus they have all their science tricks.

If the game were rebalanced this way, cruisers would hold agro by virtue of actually technically doing the most damage, but that doesn't prevent escorts from being super useful. If a tac cube was distributing its shields to withstand the cruiser, an escort could zip around to the other side and blast the weak facing. The cruiser would hold agro because it's technically doing more damage, but most of that is getting taken up by shields, the escort would be the one on the other side doing more damage to the hull. Of course, this would work best if they changed shield mechanics so that the integrity of a shield facing also modifies bleed through.

The current shield mechanic has it so that essentially, as long as you have points in a shield, only 5-10% of damage is bleeding through. And a "weak facing" is really only weak to a burst of damage. If they switched it so that 100% in a shield facing was 10% bleed 75% in a facing is 15% bleed, 50% in a facing is 20% bleed, and 25% is perhaps a sharper drop to 30% bleed, a "weak facing" wouldn't just be weak to burst damage, but would be weak to damage in general. I think this mechanic would also be interesting as your shields would stay at least partially up more than with the current mechanic as the lower the integrity, the less damage the shield absorbs while letting more pass.

That may be too complex for them to program in, but I think it would allow escorts to have a greater advantage to their speed and maneuverability rather than giving them both the highest speed and maneuverability and the absolute highest damage.

But then I've gone off topic again >> But I don't really know what more to say about the emergency power abilities than what has already been said. It seems the sentiment everyone has is basically keep the new buffs allowing emergency power to weapons, engines, and auxiliary to be more comparable to emergency power to shields, but keep the current cool/uptime mechanics instead of screwing that over. Unless of course, they want to turn them into toggles so we don't have to be bothered by constantly clicking them, lol. In which case they could switch emergency power to shield's heal into a "heal over time" or every 30 seconds it could just pop the heal it has now... whichever. I'm all for toggles, less "click and mash" more keeping eyes on the battle field, strategizing, maneuvering. If they turned the emergency powers into toggles that one could have a maximum of two up at a time... perhaps cruisers with their larger power plant have a passive on them that allows them to have two emergency powers up while other ships can only have one up, that would be great. But I'd also like "cannon rapid fire" and "cannon scatter volley" to be toggled modes of fire you can switch between depending on circumstance. Same with "beam focus fire" (which doesn't exist) and "beam fire at will" and attack patterns, etc. I'd much rather have 15+ activateable passives where the strategy/dynamics come from switching between them based on the situation than 15+ powers/attacks I must constantly mash. We're flying starships, not mages with tons of spells.

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