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04-23-2013, 01:46 PM
You know, it's funny.

I play STO on a few different machines.

My main "at-home CAD machine" was a great CAD workstation - 6 years ago. Old Dell Precision with 2GB RAM and running WinNT 4.0 64-bit. As long as I keep it on minimum graphics, it's pretty smooth. Crank up the eyecandy and it's slideshow time.

My work computer isn't much better. Yes, I sometimes log in at lunch or if I'm waiting around after hours. AMD Athlon 64x2 2.4 GHz, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon 4600. Looks a bit nicer than the home computer. Runs STO quite well unless I crank up the visuals.

My laptop, well, it barely runs STO. Move more than a few zones and contacts show up missing body parts or faces because the poor thing is already out of RAM and the HD is swapping like crazy. But it runs.

On all three of these machines, actual gameplay is pretty smooth. No lag. Had some rubberbanding a few days ago - turned out someone was spamming my neighborhood's cable loop or something, went away after an hour or so.

My point? If anyone should be having connection/lag/crashing/BSOD issues, it's me. And I'm having exactly zero. I'm relatively sure I'm logging in to the same servers as everyone griping on this forum. So for all you folks who insist that "I've tested my connection and it HAS to be on STO's end," it ain't. Figure out what's wrong on your end. I'm sure there are plenty of knowledgeable folks here willing to help you do that.

Or, if it makes you feel better, go ahead and ragequit.