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Originally Posted by sirokk View Post
I seem to survive well enough in my bug with my eng. Of the 6 days I've done the mission, I died twice.

I am using the bug because it has decent hull, 4 eng console slots and has 5 tactical console slots. I pulled off the Polaron cannons and converted it into a Transphasic torp boat for this mission to ensure that I inflict primarily kinetic damage for the Crystalline Catastrophe event.

I gathered together what I already had and bought a couple more Transphasic consoles:

Front: 2x Rapid Fire Trans torps, 2x Breen Torp Cluster Torp
Rear: 1x Transphasic Mine Mk XI Uncommon, 1x Tricobalt Mine Mk XI and KCB

Devices: Shield batteries

Eng: 3x Neutronium Alloy Mk XII, Borg Assimilated Console
Sci: Field Gen Mk XI Rare
Tactical: 5x Transphaic Compressors consoles Mk XI

Shields, Engine and Deflector: Jem'Hadar Set Mk XI

Using Torpedo spread, Dispersal Pattern Beta, Transfer Shield Strength and sometimes EPtE and EPtS.

I should probably try moving the Breen Torps to the back and have more Rapid fire Torps up front to try to get a better torp spread volley but the shared cooldowns would probably hinder this.

It's not a finely tuned set but it works well enough to buzz the Entity, do torp spread of the Rapid Trans torps and mines and survive. This has been a very fun setup of not using any beams, except the KCB, just bypassing shields on NPCs and banging the heck out of them!

Anyways, I thought I'd just share.
Use 3x Projectile DOffs with your Rapid Fire Trans, and you'll be rocketing those and the Cluster torps off with alarming frequency.
Tired of 3 full seasons of using FAW over and over because nothing else really competes? Want to use a Drain build? Maybe single Cannons? Try out snares and disables?

Support a balance pass and abilities revamp so that there are more viable builds, so YOU can choose how to fly instead of being pigeon holed into cookie cutter builds!