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11-10-2009, 08:08 PM
How much will the Episodes use decision trees and player choice, and what kind of consequences might they have? For example, might we be forced to choose between saving a taco freighter from a warp core breach and defending a nearby space station from pirates, with the episode branching from there to slightly different (or even identical) conclusions?

How will Klingon Episodes compare to the Fed side, assuming they have a few?

Will Episodes be unlocked as we rank up, such as some episodes specifically designed for Admirals, and others for Commanders?

Will there be Episodes exclusively for Science captains but not doable for Tactical captains and vice versa, or ones that might require a cruiser instead of a science ship, or unique missions for species traits like telepathy?

Will Episodes be repeatable (reruns!) with or without rewards?

Will we be able to drag along a team into an Episode only one of us actually has "unlocked", or must we all have access to the Episode to do it together? And would we all get the same rewards (money, skill points, etc.)?

What kind of rewards will an Episode completion give, and how is it designed to fit into the rest of the game? In other words, are Episodes the primary source of upgrades, BOs, money, skill points etc, for the game, or might people be able to completely avoid Episodes and progress at a similar rate in the other activities like PVP and exploration?

Will there be difficulty scaling for the Episodes, and if so, how will it work?

Will we be aware of the outside universe while doing Episodes? For example if we are in an Episode instance that takes place around Vulcan and the Borg attack Vulcan in the "real" world, will we get that alert and be able to jump out, right into the fight?

And how will travel work? If an Episode were to start at Earth and lead us to Vulcan, will we manually travel there to continue, or will we automatically shift instances to a "virtual" Vulcan, and pop back out at Earth right where we started when its all said and done?