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04-23-2013, 03:40 PM
I'm a staunch believer in playing the game how you want to play.

Even if that means bringing the cheese.

I used to use AMS, Vent Theta, and Subspace Jumper.

Now I just use cloak, Elite fleet shields, and one SNB DOFF. Those would probably be the only objectionable things in my build (and I include mines in objectionable equipment). I chose to play this way so there would be no excuses when I beat them.

Even still, I do not feel it is my place to dictate how others want to play their game. If they want to play like me, that is up to them. And I am certainly willing to assist someone in making their build similar to mine if they want. If they want to use cheese, that's up to them as well. And, it's all the more sweeter when I still end up destroying them when they chose to bring the cheese.

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