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And this a good thing. The fact that people feel strongly about this demonstrates that it was an effective method to underline how evil the Tal Shiar are. If there's a single thing that the Romulan campaign gets right where the Fed and KDF campaigns fall flat on their face, it's the issue of emotional attachment. The Romulan story gives us identifiable people in bad situations that we can feel empathize with.
In some respects, I can't stand to play Klingons either. Selling Prisoner as Slaves/Working them to death, wanton destruction, and the like are also hard to stomach. And we have Admiral T'nae's trigger happy "preemptive" invasion of Romulan space.

Though, It may be the current Tal-Shiar is doing what it does due to Hakeev's leadership. In TNG and DS9 It seemed like your standard, partially dubious intelligence organization.

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I'd speculated back when the FE came out that Hakeev wasn't a liberated drone, but an "artificial" one, and that his missing eye was a result of a failure in the process (a liberated drone without an eye would probably be left with their implant, but a failure could have left him unable to be fitted with one). I think this scene lends some credibility to my theory.
I hadn't heard/thought of that before. It makes a lot of sense.
It also sets apart why what the Tal Shiar is doing with Borg tech is bad yet half of Starfleet is running around with borg tech sticking out of their ship at odd angles.
Yeah, it struck me odd that in the Undine arc, you admonish the Romulans for using Borg Tech, but then 6 months later, cryptic added the Borg set...