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In some respects, I can't stand to play Klingons either. Selling Prisoner as Slaves/Working them to death, wanton destruction, and the like are also hard to stomach. And we have Admiral T'nae's trigger happy "preemptive" invasion of Romulan space.

It is in line with how the Klingons acted on the shows though. I think Cryptic did a decent enough job making it feel like a Klingon storyline while giving the payer enough leeway for charater self-interpruetation. LoR all but writes your character for you by contrast, which is not soemthing I am terribly thrilled about. it's all but impossible to roleplay anything resembling a 'traditional' Romulan-all the dialogue chocies are so very strongly ...opinionated.

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I hadn't heard/thought of that before. It makes a lot of sense.Yeah, it struck me odd that in the Undine arc, you admonish the Romulans for using Borg Tech, but then 6 months later, cryptic added the Borg set...

I always choose the option to let them go with the borg technology, it seemed so hypocrytical to go picking on the Romulans, who have been stomped on so completely ever since Nemesis (and to a lesser degree, DS9) for doing something that the Federation has been doing since Voyager. the new storyline seems to be continuing the double standard angle though. I seem to remember on the borg cube level the Romulans research being phrased specifically as 'reckless' and basically wrong solely fr the reason that the Rommes were doing it...