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04-23-2013, 07:04 PM
The point of early testing would be to spot potential problems early before they're multiplied and entrenched into problems that become harder to correct.

The D'deridex having the bridge officer and console layout of the Galaxy would qualify as a problem. The fact the Galaxy is a ship that is almost never seen in high level play is sufficient evidence to prove that the combination of that Boff/console layout and ship type is not something that should be duplicated or imitated.

Given that the Romulans will have such a limited number of ships available to them at launch every effort needs to be made to ensure that those ships that are available are each useful and competitive in their own way. No one wants to see a Romulan faction where everyone flies endgame ship X, because endgame ship X is clearly and obviously better than endgame ships Y,W, and Z.

The reality of the game as it stands is that "tank" type builds that can sustain a lot of damage, but put out virtually none, have little value in end game content where everything is about DPS and timers that cause you to fail optionals if your team doesn't have enough DPS. I'm saying this as a Cruiser captain. Damage potential coming from boff layouts and consoles is the reason why cruisers like the fleet Excelsior are fantastic and the Galaxy dread that I also own is almost never played.

While it's bad enough that ships like the Galaxy and Galaxy dread are forever stuck filling this tanking role that isn't required or wanted in endgame teams, the idea of creating more NEW ships to also sit on the bench next to them is even worse. Especially when it's being done on something like the TNG D'deridex warbird, which given that a lot of us likely grew up watching TNG, will no doubt sell like crazy so long as it doesn't suck too bad to bear.

The time to voice any kind of disapproval for this is now though, while it's still being tested. That's the point of beta testing. If you don't like it speak up now and say so and hopefully, if the stars align and the magical Romulan faeries are in a good mood, it'll be fixed before it goes live and Romulan players won't get stuck with a mile long paperweight where a historic battlecruiser should have been.

I haven't flown it myself but I've flown the Galaxy dread and spent ages trying to find a role and setup for it that didn't feel underpowered. If the D'deridex is just the galaxy dread in a green skin with a better cloaking device, worse turn rate and massive power generation penalties in exchange for gimmick powers it will be one of the worst endgame ships in Star Trek Online.

Please make it not so.