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And this a good thing. The fact that people feel strongly about this demonstrates that it was an effective method to underline how evil the Tal Shiar are. If there's a single thing that the Romulan campaign gets right where the Fed and KDF campaigns fall flat on their face, it's the issue of emotional attachment. The Romulan story gives us identifiable people in bad situations that we can feel empathize with.
For me, Mind Games was a good attempt, but fell far short of the revulsion I felt during Divide et Impera. "Revulsion?!" you might ask (go on, I dare ya). Yes, my stomach was churning with disgust through it, though perhaps not quite for the reason Cryptic intended. Yes, I thought it sounded fishy from the start, but I had two admirals telling me to Just Do It, and so (with reservations) I started in.

(BTW, consider this a Divide et Impera spoiler warning. If you haven't played it yet, DON'T read past here.)

Now, when I did this the first time, I don't know if the AI was programmed differently then, or I was just too inefficient at fighting to cope with it, but Romulan medics healed and rezzed their allies. A LOT. To the point where, if a group had two medics, it was almost impossible to win a fight without vaporizing the Romulans one at a time so they couldn't be rezzed, and I wasn't really set up to do that in a reliable fashion. I finally hit upon a tactic that worked, though. If there was one medic, it was easy enough to assign all my BOffs to take him down with my assistance. If there was two, I'd sic all my BOffs on one, and then I'd go up and repeatedly club the other, knocking him down over and over so he couldn't heal or rez the first medic; once the first medic was down, I'd bring over the BOffs to finish stomping this one, and then finally take on the rest of the group.

The problem in Divide et Impera, of course, was that, for some reason, there were a lot of medics and scientists around. And as the story progressed, and our reason for attacking the station grew more and more suspect, I had a harder and harder time doing it...standing over a doctors clubbing them repeatedly when all they wanted was to get up to heal, to save their colleagues, their friends, and I kept swinging, and swinging, and swinging while they lay there helpless....

dammit. >_<

By the end of the mission, knowing that I had, in cold blood, just massacred a station full of doctors, I was ready to throw up. I've never been affected by a mission like that before, and sadly, Mind Games couldn't match up. Nice try, but...

(Now, of course, I'm much better at wholesale slaughter on ground maps, so I can get an alt through DeI with minimal conscience pangs, but it still kinda haunts me).

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