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Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
Actualyy come to think of it... Werent they facing extinction after Praxis?
Perhaps not extinction, but certainly a lot of economic and societal upheaval. Klingons live on more worlds than just Qo'noS. They have colonies all throughout the Empire, with at least 4-5 heavily populated worlds that I've heard reference to in novelizations, etc.

The problem the Klingon Empire has always had (from what I can understand) is that they live in a region of space that is somewhat less abundant in resource-rich worlds. Combine that with the economic pressure of maintaining a strong border and military presence against the Federation and their need to keep expanding their territory, and you can see the issue.

It's a metaphor for the collapse of the USSR. If left alone and in peace, the USSR likely would've been able to keep itself going. As it was, however, it was trying to compete geopolitically with the United States and Europe, and expending a large amount of resources to do so. This would've made them less capable of handling sudden crises and the like, in the same way that the Klingon Empire was threatened by the destruction of Praxis.