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04-23-2013, 08:22 PM
Originally Posted by hyouki View Post
For me, Mind Games was a good attempt, but fell far short of the revulsion I felt during Divide et Impera.
That was a great story. Horrifying. Thought provoking. Amusing (am I a terrible person?). It had everything!

I guess in a way the Borgification during "Mind Games" could be worse, in that all you as the player do is push some buttons and things happen. Whereas your story relates a more hands-on approach. Your direct actions had direct consequences. It's said that to kill with a knife is much harder than to kill with a gun for exactly this reason. The Borgification is indirect, things happen by your will and agency but not by your hand.

But I wonder how far it's really wise to take this mission. I mean, sure it could be written to be truly awful... But aren't we here to play games and have fun? STO isn't exactly a hardcore title. I think our target here is "disturbing" rather than "psychologically scarring".

And now, kittens.