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04-23-2013, 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by ambassadormolari View Post
Just some questions, re: RP fleets:

1. Is a microphone needed, or can an RPer get by with just text?
2. Is there an ideal "level" for RPing, or can anyone, regardless of actual level, participate?
3. How regular is participation expected to be? Ie, is a fleet member expected to be involved on a very regular basis? I ask because real life will always be a constant factor for me, especially since I'm not operating with unlimited internet fees.
as far as The IND is concerned,
1) skype is very heavily encouraged; and yes, Team Speak 3 is a must when doing missions
- of course if your avatar is the opposite gender of you, then using a microphone to role-play would be a bit weird

2) For my fleets, yes. As long as you don't break character and start randomly mixing o.o.r.p. comments into it. So basically if you are going to make o.o.r.p. comments, during certain moments, stick with that. But if you are in the middle of role-playing with others and you want to ask an o.o.r.p. question, send a private message to somebody. That way everything is nice and tidy.

3) you don't have unlimited internet? who is scamming you? lol Well for the fleets that I am in (rp or not) if you are absent for at least a month or two every so often, then there is not much point in joining - especially a role-playing fleet.

BUT.....if your fleet is organized, then they MIGHT also role-play in the forum (which for somebody like you, with limited internet, would be ideal.) Of course I'm not sure which fleets listed also role-play on the forums. Role-playing like that, in STO, isn't as enforced as it is in Discovery Mod for Freelancer. In other words, STO, like Discovery Freelancer isn't role-play only. If STO WERE like that, it would very much accommodate people like you, without a doubt. But hopefully there should be a fleet here that could be a bit lenient if you are offline for long periods. I say that because too many fleets (rp or otherwise) have too much dead-weight that isn't active and/or doesn't contribute.

P.S. if you are in Toronto, I can recommend an excellent company that offers unlimited internet! PM me here on the forum is you are....

P.S.S. i know many people who are pretty good role-players on Bajor, among other places. So poke your head around in that system.