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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
What are the 1/4 impulse (otherwise unbuffed - running at your normal Eng Power) turn rates for your guys?


Mirror Vo'Quv (base 5) - 6.5 (she needs a respec bad, lol)
Mirror Star (base 7) - 11.4
Mirror Vor'cha (base 10) - 18.0
Chel Grett (base 13) - 25.6
JHEC (base 13) - 25.1

Mirror Deep (base 13) - 26.1
Mirror Advanced (base 16) - 29.7
Hegh'ta (base 21) - 44.1

This ships in SandyBrown have a RCS Mk XI.
The ships in YellowGreen have a Tachyo.

Anything below 20 feels sluggish. Anything over 80 and I can lose track of which way I'm facing if I'm covered in effects on a small ship. I hit EM on the Hegh'ta and I'm at 124...

My non-Cruiser guys will generally be sitting mid/high 30s to low/mid 40s.

Heck, it's like testing the Ody w/ Chevron over on Tribble on the guy that flies the Chel Grett. With the Chevron out, his 1/4 was ~22. With EPtE, he was in the 40s. Hit EM and he was in the 70s. In a space whale...wheeeeee.

I couldn't imagine multiple RCS consoles, EPtE, and hitting EM on a B'rel over on spinning a top, eh?
Agreed, you can get a BoP to be flat out ridiculous with turning capability if you want to, though it's usually unnecessary. I've been out of the game for a few months, but back in January my Hegh'ta could keep up with the average Defiant in PvP, with the Defiant using Attack Pattern Omega.

The only escort I've ever seen that really gives me a run for my money maneuverability-wise is the JHAS. The only weakness that thing has is the lack of science consoles, which isn't so much a 'weakness' as an 'inconvenience' for some players.

Ultimately, I'm okay with maneuverability changes, as long as the current hierarchy is generally kept in place. That being: BoPs > JHAS > Federation escorts > Klingon Raptors + Destroyers > Federation science vessels > Klingon battlecruisers > Federation cruisers + carrier and KDF 'science ships' and carriers.