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04-23-2013, 08:34 PM
every cruiser over 4 weapons slots should have a - drain from beam array weapons. since they supposed to be beam boats, make them excel at being beam boats. then they could adjust beams if needed but frankly i think they would be fine if the power drain was not so all over the place and having to have multiple skills to keep power levels up.

the whole gap in empts for pve it means little or squat, npcs do not read your defense cycles while cloaked waiting to gank you with the alpha strike from hell in the gap of your buff cycle.

empts is a last choice in your emergency powers for pve, weapons aux all are more important until a npc like a raptor escort nukes the heck out of you on elite difficulty, then it is time to pop empts. or just skip the shield it if it on shared with weapons and go aux to structure, or some hull resist buff, and you will be able to tank just fine if not even a tad better with at lest the base of it lasting 30 seconds if not the resist buff.

if rcs makes cruisers turn better and well we can test that day one by grabbing my galaxy and some rcs consoles, and see if i can stand being in for more then 5 minutes the first time i have to do a 180 in stf. if they buff cruisers more than escorts that is a good thing for cruisers of they can turn get their firing arcs lined up and make getting more torps on some cruisers not not being stuck with beams simply because you cannot turn.

the whole pve vs pvp is so broken in game anyway. space pve is joke ground pve is hell, pvp is a joke with resists going out of control and passive regens out the wazoo, 20 min one on one duels ending when someones hand gets tired of spamming a space bar is not fun. the amount of spike vs pressure bring useless, beams being useless in pvp. and so on.

if cryptik were smart they would start at the base of the problem and halve all the resists in game for space, maybe even double them for ground. and start adjusting from there. cause the only other way to go is double the damage on weapons. hell triple it for beams then maybe beam boat and pressure dps would not be laugh worthy in pvp.