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04-23-2013, 10:11 PM
Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
I do no think that changing RCS from +1 to +2 for slow turners will make a miracle and they suddenly will be much better.

I think I will rely more on EpTE to get out of trouble. After all 80+ impulse speed is fun, especially when it does ruin someones alpha.

Yes the rcs change is fantastic.... as long as the people playing the game start using there brains a little more.

I have had cruiser players rage on me plenty over the last 3 years... and you know funny thing is in tells afterward in almost every case I would say why didn't you put all power to engines and get out of the way... they almost always say that don't work... then I say was your evasive manuvers on cool down ?... funny they always shut up after that.

I won't argue that cruisers have been able to turn enough the last 3 years... the slowest cruisers are in a very bad way right now... this change will help them a lot though... most cruisers can slot 2 RCS units... and throw the Tach lobi uni console in one of there sci slots... and have more then enough turn to survive almost any alpha. If people start piloting there fat boats instead of just cruising in em.

Well played Dalnar... and for the record you have always been one of the harder cruiser/heavy sci boat players to alpha... cause your smart enough to not sit there and get hammered.
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