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Vice Admiral (Captain) Shannon Ashfield
U.S.S. Reconnaissance, Odyssey Class Vessel - NCC 476592

Thank you Professor. Be seated Cadets.
I think it will be simpler for you all, if I start at the beginning...

When I lost my parents in a Borg attack on our little colony, I vowed I would avenge their deaths. I've always thought myself fortunate that the Federation turned up when they did. One Lone Ranger against a Borg Cube. I can still remember the colourful firefight filling the night sky.
They beamed down to find our colony an utter reck, so much so it wasn't worth saving. The few survivors asked to be returned to our home planet, but I refused. I had no family; no friends had survived. I had always thought myself a sort of an outcast, even among the close-nit community I'd been born into. Going to my home planet was something I dreaded more than welcomed. I'd always had different ideas than everyone else my age, better at calculations and tinkering with systems to improve them. I remember at the age of twelve when I'd upgraded the water distribution systems. My father was impressed, but he was the only one. It just wasn't the sort of thing to be done by a female, let alone at such a young age.
So I returned with the Mary Rose to Earth, the most beautiful planet I'd ever seen, not, mind you, I'd seen many planets at fifteen. Here was a place where everyone was welcome. There was no hunger, no crime, no racism. Differences were allowed, sometimes even encouraged.
Finding I wanted to follow the footsteps of those people who had saved me, I applied at the academy. They graciously accepted, providing me with temporary accommodation until I could find my somewhere of my own. It didn't take me long to find an apartment, a sweet little place in Los Angles, not that I go there much these days. I still have it, but I prefer looking at the calm of space through the Reconnaissance's windows.
It took a little longer, but still much less time than other applicants, to finished my training and graduate as an Ensign. Here, I knew, I could make a difference.
I was assigned to the Falcon, under the Command of Captain Taggart, someone I doubt few of you will know of unfortunately, and found myself fast becoming a important part of the crew.
It was on one such mission I was given an important task, involving protecting a smaller vessel from an intimidating Borg Cube, that I found out just how important. With what might have been called a 'freak incident' had it not occurred on almost every other ship during this certain mission of rescue, the high ranking officers, including the Captain, were either killed or injured, leaving me in command of the Falcon.
I'll admit it, at the time I was terrified. I knew that I wanted, one day, to be a Captain and have my own ship, but to suddenly have it thrust upon me, when I'd had no training for such a position, scared the hell out of me.
Suddenly I was the one giving the orders, orders that had the ability to send people to their deaths, or keep them alive. I was responsible for the lives of the crew, not just my own, and for a few seconds after I was told I was the highest ranking officer, I panicked.
But I took a deep breath and took my place in the command chair. I was only twenty years old, one of the youngest Captains in Starfleet but I would do my utmost to protect those under my command.
We repaired what we could of the ship, much needed to be done at the yards, and on hearing of the continuing Borg trouble on Vega Colony I ordered a course there immediately.
This was one of my chances to avenge my parents meaningless deaths. This was a colony, much like our own had been, and I would get the chance to defend it.
Eventually we pushed the Borg back from our borders and I was promoted to Lieutenant, and given command of the Falcon. The rest they say is history.
Now here I am, giving you all a recount of how I became Captain, because, for some reason, your schoolers want you to learn about it.
I don't know their reasons behind requesting my attendance at this lecture, but I can tell you one thing. I became a Captain because people needed me. But as a Captain it is your duty to protect everyone you can. I'll protect my ship and crew, but if it comes to protecting another ship, or a colony, for example, I'll put my ship and crew on the sideline. Those other people's safety come first.
As the Great Ambassador Spock so rightly said, "The needs of the many, out way the needs of the few, or the one." Remember that, and you might just get somewhere.
Now hands up, who has questions...

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