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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
Just checked. Description on the embassy plasma DOT consoles says "+x.x% Plasma Energy Weapon Damage".
"Adds Plasma DOT proc to non-Plasma Weapons".

The latter seems like it should be applied to torpedoes, but it does not. Just energy weapons that aren't plasma.

Seems to me like the former was only intended to work with Plasma DEW and Plasma DEW DOT. Most likely, it's using the same code as the Plasma Infusers.
That's so wrong on so many levels. Like I said, I can completely see the logic when it comes to Tac Consoles. Yeah, I loved that the Infusers buffed my torps and warp plasma too - but I knew eventually it would change.

I was disappointed that the 2pc Harness only buffed DEW and DEW DoTs. I mean, if one of the pieces of the Harness is a torp - then the 2pc Harness bonus should buff Proj DoTs as well.

With the Embassy Consoles, I get them only adding the PDoT to Directed Energy Weapons - but given their cost (not just the cost of the console, but the stupid cost to level the Embassy itself)...they should buff all.

That's really disappointing...and meh, I don't even have them. That's just a disappointing change on their part.

edit: Even though I never got any reply from them in that thread, I went ahead and posted something similar there...about not only the Embassy Consoles but the 2pc Harness as well. Things like that just irk me.
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