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# 1 PvP Podcast Idea/Casting!
04-23-2013, 11:37 PM
I have a dream!

Well, more of a stupid idea that won't go away, but it's been nagging me for a while now that there is very little radio content on Trek Radio, or a podcast that discusses the meat and bones about builds, ships, and the mechanics of STO.

So, I would like to start now.

However, I would not want to do it alone. First of all, I have somewhat limited experience with technical of podcasting. Second, I work better and am more humorous when i have another personality I can bounce off of. So I would like to know if anyone form the PVP community would like to join me. Anyone from Bootcamp or from any of the big PVP fleets would be welcome. Basic qualifications are

1) Being a STO PVP player, but also players other content.
2) Detailed knowledge of STO mechanics and has decent build.
3) Humorous
4) Hard core (but level headed) Trekkie. (By level headed, i mean that you have seen alot fo the shows, all the movies, can quote the ranks and positions of all the members of all the crews... yet you recognize the limitations of the game and how it cannot represent everything in game.
4) Good radio voice/personality

However, the specifics of the taste of show will be up to negotiation once we have some host available. Obviously alot of this will be based on personalities match and how everything works out, so we will see.

Reply below if you have anything to add or if you want to "audition". I will also be contacting the Bootcamp crew about this for a possible syndication or partnership.