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04-24-2013, 04:55 AM
Originally Posted by havam View Post

don't have the stomach to get upset about it. Two things: 1) He knows stuff is OP, but won't do anything about it not even in theory. 2) balance is primarily based on 1v1. Kinda explains why its OK to have a player class with zero team contribution.

My apologies sprinkles. Jorf you and your acolytes are wrong, i was wrong to, its not a team game when it comes to balance. Who would have thunk.
I'm listening to the podcast right now. While some of the assumptions about PvP (mostly on the part of the hosts) are pretty funny, I think you might be exaggerating or even misconstruing some of the points he's making. Yeah, I'm going defend him this time.

1. This seems highly exaggerated. The way that I took it is that he'd prefer to improve balance by buffing underpowered powers and items, or introducing new counters than nerf something that people have expended major effort to attain. He never said that nerfs are completely off the table, and in the past Cryptic has nerfed very rare and expensive items like SNB doffs.

2. He never said balance was primarily based off of 1v1, but did state that 1v1 balance cannot be ignored and is "where we begin" (or something to that effect). Perhaps the later is a poor choice of words, but it seemed the thought was that individual ship classes form the basic building blocks you need to start at before looking at group mechanics.

I could be wrong though. Perhaps Gecko will see this thread and give a more detailed explanation of his opinions.
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