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04-24-2013, 05:29 AM
When i am on one of my big carriers, i always eat the wave. Do you know, how long it takes to avoid them and coming back in shooting positions ? You would waste more time doing that than being killed and respawn. Not that it is enough to be killed anyway. Not everyone flies an escort or sci ship.

On my Eng with Ambessador i recently also started to do that, even if i am fast enough to get away. Because... it is simply not dangerous for him. One or two of four availible buffs are enough to reliably have 75% hull left. Why run ?

Only my raptor and destroyer captains try to get away. Which is easy enough for them. Might as well kill some tholians off in between.

Don't really care about scoring, still reliably land between 1-3 on all toons. Don't see much difference between SCI, TAC, Eng or shiptypes. Always blamed the randomness of pugs and that most of the other people probably don't have full rep sets and fleet weapons.