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04-24-2013, 05:35 AM
Originally Posted by sechserpackung View Post
Option 1:

The cloak gets integrated without loosing a console slot.
Gal-X and Defiant loose turn rate and hit points

All Klingon ships with a cloack gain +1 Tac console slot

Option 2:

Cloak gets integrate with loss of console slot.
Gal-X and Defiant loose turn rate, hit points and a tac concolse slot

Option 3:

No changes.

Funny how all your options focus on making the klinkers even more potent, despite them already having he best cruisers, while simultaneously nerfing the Fed ships.


That aside: the Cloack-is-a-console thing actually meshes well with cannon.
Both ships on the fed side that employ cloaks had the cloaks added way later. The cloak was not part of the core design. Unlike klinker ships that were build with cloaks from the get go.

So you "adding" a cloak via console actually comes closest to trek lore this game has ever got.

That aside:

All cloaks should be battle cloaks - differing in stealth strength and cooldown based on race and ship.#

Feds and klinkers cruisers get the longest cooldown.
Romulan gets the 2nd best cooldown and best stealth.
Klinker bops get the best cooldown and 2nd best stealth.#