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04-24-2013, 05:44 AM
the value of the console is that upon activation the enemies targeting is FORCE switched to the new holodecoy without him being notified. its a seamless transition and if used with a bit of luck, all the debuffs and snb hit the decoy, not you.

The console DOES NOT ever work when the opponent is closer than aproximately 4 km.

Its a mask sensor effect, not a cloak. People get close, they see you.

Helping things along: put more power to engines to gain distance faster + a 100 power evasive will put a lot of distance between you and the target, and no, evasive does not break the holo decoy, neither does power to engines.

This is a force switch of target and you getting mask energy signature. Its not a cloak. if the op for is close they will see you.

This console will shine on my romulan captains because i can troll your alpha into the decoy and battle cloak right away.