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Oh hai, im CatStar. Admiral of the Caitian Division of Star Fleet, I was born of a litter of three, I was the one they threw away....

Being the runt of my family I was cast away to fend for myself, thats when I came acrossed a strange sight of aliens looting an old storehouse, these large lobed creatures noticed me and lured me to come with with the promise a free ride. I didnt have nowhere else to go so at least this was a step in the right direction. For months we toured the galaxy and I was labored to do the lifting and help out in Engineering for many hours per day, I was given a cosey cage to rest in and fed a fine meal of what ever they could hit me with (SMACK) "Lobus wins a cigar!" Durring this time I seemed to get used to the tough labor until it didnt seem so tough anymore, but one day on a trip through the Vega system we where borded by another strange alien species that looked like robot things. In order to quickly remove them, they beamed the cargo section off the ship and down to the nearest planet below...I was part of this transfer. I came acrossed a huge battle, explosions and shooting, light flashes everywhere. So I wallked up to one of the robots and asked him what was going on, he hit me =T.T= I hit him back! More came, so I go into it and began to tussel with the lot of em, I found a sniper rifle laying on the ground and a strange jacket with 4 metal beeds on the collar, so I bundled up to keep warm and locked and loaded..."what, how did I know how to use the rifle?" " I was around ferengi's, I know my merchandise!" I blasted and kicked, fought and found my way to a campment where some bald creatures where also fighting these robots. I later found that humans never grow in all thier fur, they look so funny that way! XD When they seen me they saluted, I thought that was this species greeting, so I returned it. They asked me what to do....=O.O= "huh?" We worked out a plan, and after many strange looks we decided on a tactic that ended up working, it was a long fight, and they ended up giving me these medal things in a box, I couldnt eat and I got strange looks when I pawed at em, so I just kept them in my drawer. I was given command of a space ship called the Enterprise, some bald headed guy was being promoted and sent to planet Vulcan. So I went out exploring and to see new sights...someday I hope to see Star Fleet Academy and find out what they do there. :3

After a full career of Exploring and fighting aboard this Soveriegn class vessel, I decided to retire, and took command of a civilian ship, I was comfortable back in a D'Kora class...where my journey began.

..thought id give it a try too. =^.^=

Every episode of TNG if written by STO_How Picard dealt with ARC_Cat hug_No to ARC!

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