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Originally Posted by backyardserenade View Post
As I understand it, you also wouldn't probably see much of the Nebula if you are very close or in it. It might look like a bright object from afar (see Orion Nebula) but once in it, all the layers are far too thin-stretched to be overly impressive.

In that regard, most depictions of Nebulae in science fiction are probably very unrealistic (but yeah, it's hard to realize that with all the colorful images produced by astronomers that don't really depict reality).
Bad Astronomy had a video that covered the unrealistic depictions of nebula in science fiction. In a planetary nebula formed from the expanding mass ejected from a star, you would likely not notice being in the nebula. They did say that large molecular clouds like Orion should offer some interesting views, even within it. This would be due to the denser particles in portions of the structure.