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04-24-2013, 08:30 AM
Warp cores:

1. Don't make them part of sets. Set gear is specially designed equipment to improve specific areas of performance of the ship (Breen set is tuned to resist power drain, Jem'Hadar set is tuned to boost combat manoeuvrability and power). If you change the warp core, you change the performance of the whole ship. This is how they are now.
2. Add them to crafting. Every other piece of ship equipment is craftable, so why not warp cores?
3. Remove them completely from loot drops. Currently, defeating a ship = destroying it (unless it's scripted to be disabled, in which case you don't get any loot anyway). If you destroy a ship, the warp core blows up. Unless you change the mechanics of defeating a ship so that it can be destroyed in different ways (wrecking life support, perhaps, or eliminating structural integrity so that the hull crumbles but nothing blows up), you can't loot a warp core.
4. Allow fleet versions. I'm not in a fleet and I don't intend to join one, but I have no objection to those who are getting goodies. As long as you add warp cores to crafting as well.

This thread:
1. Purple stuff is Very Rare. It's not intended to drop frequently, that's why it's called "Very Rare". So, no, the drop rates for blue (Rare) and purple stuff do not need upping.
2. You've got a ship with all MkXII stuff, and you're ******** about getting a MkX warp core? You obviously enjoy the game enough to play it enough to earn all that MkXII stuff, so go out and earn another piece of MkXII equipment. You don't get nothing for free.
3. We need a sticky top post with a link to the release notes thread that tells us about warp cores, and summarizes the key points made in this thread so far (like the stuff about the +5 maximum power boost, and how the W>E mechanic works)