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# 10 A new idea
04-24-2013, 09:23 AM
It's been awhile since I glanced back at this thread, but reading all over the forums gave me a really interesting idea. While this idea isn't completely fresh or anything, I think it's something that could potentially be interesting if implemented to the current combat system.

New Defeat Condition: Starship Crew Numbers:

Intro: STO has implemented many different stats on ships, including ship power systems, crew numbers, and other modifiers. One of the most under-represented stat currently is the crew number. Currently, crew numbers is useless except for some innate starship repairs. There's only one BOff ability that is actually affected by crew numbers...that being Boarding Party.

Seeing as how most of the forum threads I've been reading goes something along the lines of: "omg cruisers suck...they don't do enuf damage/omg cruisers getting nerfed by EPtX changes" and "escorts are getting a buff again" etc, I propose a new system that may (or may not) freshen up PvP/PvE gameplay a bit:

Idea Proposal: The new defeat condition: Starship captured

Here's a very simple explanation of how it works: Your ship is "defeated" (just like if you get blown up) if your crew runs down to 0 and you get boarded (via boarding party, borg transport system, etc.). Should you defeat an opponent with boarding party, that ship is now an NPC that fights for you (Or if it's an object that needs to be destroyed, then self-destruct after boarding party beams back).

This would not only open up a completely new strategy for ships to compete in, but also give everyone a new avenue to win a fight (namely cruisers and sci vessels). This change would make "Crew Protection" consoles viable again, and is an indirect way to solve the problem of "shield tanks", "speed tanks", "insane cross healing".

We already have a lot of crew killing capabilities in the game...why not capitalize on it? It would not only encourage more diversity in builds in both PvP and PvE, but also encourage more teamwork and discourage one-man-armies charging in a battlefield with reckless abandon.

(To Be Continued...)

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